By Hand - By Hobby

Some items can be custom done. Please send photos of what you would like. I keep the shipping cost low in order to keep the final price down. All items are shipped priority. Priority secures us with the gentle handling of each item and guarantees insurance.

Any item you see can be custom done. This includes adding pull chains, swag chains, length to the cords, hard wire , color choice, wood type etc. Just let me know.
Please note, we recycle items to create our products. Items may vary. We can not guarantee specific makes, models, specific patina on our item(s). Size may vary as well. If there is a specific request you may buy the item of your choice and send it to us for your custom lighting or home decor needs or wishes.
Customizing will be done once payment is received. Thanks!

Recycled Illuminations

These items are all made from UL Listed Products.  We sell to... 

Recycled Illuminations Video